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Sept 06th - 2019

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July 19th - 2013

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January 11th - 2013

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November 17th - 2012

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick update to let you all know that Corey and Scott's new recording project Barra Xul has completed their debut album "In Darkness We Wait" and it's available as a free mp3 download now through their website : www.Barra-Xul.com

Barra Xul is very similar in style to Cephalectomy, so for those of you who were disappointed by Cephalectomy's decision to call it quits, we recommend you download this album, as it's the closest thing to new Cephalectomy you'll get, and it was mastered by Dan Swano (Unisound)!

Be sure to head over to their Facebook page too and show them some support by clicking "like"!

July 23rd - 2012

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to update you all on a few things. As you likely know based off our last update, Cephalectomy is now finished, however for those of you who enjoy this style of music, you may be happy to know that Corey is continuing forth with a new recording project entitled "Barra Xul", that will be very similar in style. Musically this band will still be very much Cephalectomy, but it will be solely horror based, rather then dealing with mysticism. Scott will also be remaining on bass for this project. So while Cephalectomy itself may be no longer, Barra Xul will push forward in the same vein.

You can find Barra Xul at www.Barra-Xul.com or find their facebook artist page at www.facebook.com/barraxul. Barra Xul is aiming to release their debut album this fall.

Also, for those of you who have been wanting a Cephalectomy shirt, we now have our final printing of shirts available in the merchandise section of this page. Shirts can be ordered via Paypal. Click the image of the shirt for a larger image of the shirt (front and back)


July 9th - 2012

Hello everyone,

While it saddens us to bring you this news, we just wanted to let you all know that Cephalectomy is officially done.

We know we've been talking about a final album for a while but things have become increasingly difficult for getting anything done. Everyone in the band has a lot going on in their lives and progress has been very minimal so we've decided that it's best we just call it quits. Our apologizes to those who have been waiting patiently. Musically, 2 songs have been recorded and we will release those 2 songs as instrumental tracks.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years and kept our name alive, it's hard to believe we made it this far. So after 16 years of doing Cephalectomy, we bid you farewell.

CHEERS and THANKS to you all!

June 6th - 2012

Hello Everyone! We realize it's been quite some time since we've updated the site and thought it was about time we do so.

First things first, as always, we're still working on the new album and we're sorry to inform that it will still be quite some time before it is finished. Being our final release, we're taking our time and hope to finish off the Cephalectomy legacy on a high note. We thank you all for your patience and your support!

Secondly, for those of you who have not joined our facebook artist page, do it now! You can get there by clicking the facebook link on the right side of this page. We are more active on facebook and for those of you who may be looking for a new Cephalectomy T-shirt, you can find our new shirts available there (not available from this site), so there's some incentive to "Like" us on facebook.

Last but not least, anyone who knows the way we work, knows we are happy to spread our music around freely, and with that said, you can now download all 4 Cephalectomy tracks that are featured on the Cephalectomy/Bound In Human Flesh Split Cd off this site for free! So spread the word and help the Cephalectomy sickness reach the ears of the unholy!

July 18th - 2011

Just a quick update. First, our facebook group page has been removed and changed to an artist page, the facebook link below has been updated to direct you there. If you're a fan and use facebook, visit our page and click the "Like" button.

We're still working on new material, but as always it's a slow process. As things push forward we'll keep you updated.

Also, we're not 100% sure when they'll be available but some new shirts may surface in the near future, we'll let you know when there's more info available.

October 4th - 2010

As you can see, this is our first website update in over a year. Why? Honestly, because there really hasn't been anything to report. However, we finally have some news to share, so here goes...

First off, Cephalectomy is working on a new album, it's in it's early stages, so don't expect it any time soon, but it's in the works. One song is almost done and a 2nd is underway. However, with this good news also comes bad news, we are offically calling it quits after the next album. Yes, that's right, our upcoming album will be the last release by Cephalectomy. There had been talks about calling it quits after the release of An Epitaph To Tranquility, however, as happy as we are with that album, we didn't feel it had the chaotic nature that previous releases have had, and we didn't want to end the Cephalectomy legacy on that note.

Also, we're sad to announce that the next Cephalectomy album will be without vocalist, Peter Mestre. Peter is relocating for work and therefore will be unavailable to contribute on our final release. We wish Peter and his family all the best and thank him for his efforts in the band.

July 17th - 2009 - "An Epitaph To Tranquility" Official Release - Free Download

The Time Has Come... Cephalectomy's 3rd Full Length Album "An Epitaph To Tranquility" is now available for free download. You can find it in the Downloads section which includes the full album in mp3 format @ 320Kbps. Also included, is a link for the artwork in full quality, for those of you who might wish to print off your own copy of the cd. Pre-Ordered CDs will be mailed out next week when they're received from the printer.

An Epitaph To Tranquility

Track List :
01 : The Obliterating Swarm
02 : The Splintered Pupil
03 : A Submergence of Will
04 : The Accumulated Conscious
05 : Feast of the Saints
06 : Tide of Substance
07 : For our Fetid Fathers
08 : Freedom of the Enlightened
09 : The Urchin Peel
10 : Architect of Abomination
11 : The Sons of Tellervo
12 : A Loathsome Ceremony

Cephalectomy would like to thank everyone involved with the creation of this album and all the fans who have supported them over the years and continue to do so, Thank You!

July 11th - 2009 - "An Epitaph To Tranquility Release Date : July 17th"

An Epitaph To Tranquility

Yes, finally the news you've all been waiting for. The new Cephalectomy album "An Epitaph To Tranquility" will be available for free download on Friday, July 17th. The album consists of 12 tracks and clocks in at just under 31 minutes. The download will include the whole album (Mp3 Format @ 320Kbps) + the album artwork at full quality, so for those of you who didn't order a cd, the option to burn/print off your own copy will be there. We don't have a 100% exact date for when we will have the cds in our hands, but for those of you who ordered copies, they will be in the mail as soon as we have them. Thanks to everyone who's supported us over the years! Stay Sick!

July 2nd - 2009

Well July has come and you all know what that means, yes, "An Epitaph To Tranquility" is coming soon. Right now the band is just finishing up mixing and mastering and the artwork is being completed, we still don't have an exact date for you, but we hope to have everything finished in the next 2 weeks. As soon as everything is complete, you will be able to download the album on this website in mp3 format, which will also contain all the artwork. Also, thanks to everyone who pre-orderd the album, these will be mailed out to all of you as soon as we have them in our hands, this will coincide with the release of the mp3s. Cheers to everyone for their support, Stay Sick!

May 14th - 2009 - "An Epitaph To Tranquility" Pre-Order Ends July 1st.

Just a quick little update to let you all know that the deadline to pre-order the new Cephalectomy album will be July 1st. Everything is back on track and we can't forsee anymore delays, progress is being made and the album should see a July release. As completion of the album draws sooner we'll hit you all with an exact release date. Remember, "An Epitaph To Tranquility" will not be released on cd beyond the pre-order print, so if you want to own a copy on cd, make sure you order before July 1st. For everyone else, download of the album (in mp3 format) will be available on this website when completed.
Thanks to everyone for their support and patience!

April 6th - 2009 - "An Epitaph To Tranquility" Delayed.

Hey Folks, yes you guessed it, as usual there's always something that slows us down and unfortunately it's no different this time. We're sorry to say that A.E.T.T. probably won't be released till July now. We apolagize to those of you patiently awaiting but please ask that you bare with us. Due to illness vocals have been in hiatus thus forcing us to push the release date ahead slightly, but things should be back on track very soon! Thanks for understand and your support!

February 23rd - 2009 - Download Eclipsing The Dawn!

Hey everyone, seeing as how Eclipsing The Dawn has been out of print for a long while now and with our 3rd full length release nearing completion we thought we'd put Eclipsing The Dawn up for download. So you can now download the full album, which has been remastered (crisper production and a slight volumn boost, mix remains the same) in the downloads section.

February 22nd - 2009 - "An Epitaph To Tranquility" Artwork!

Here it is, the artwork for "An Epitaph To Tranquility".

An Epitaph To Tranquility

As you can see, the artwork for the new album is a bit different for the band, this will be the first Cephalectomy full length not based around mysticism.

February 17th - 2009 - Logo Patches Now Available!

Hey Everyone, just a quick update to let you know we now have patches available in the Merchandise section. Very Limited Quantities.

We're currently in the midst of recording vocals, as said before it's a slow process but things are still on track for a spring release of "An Epitaph To Tranquility". The artwork will be released soon.

January 28th - Pre-order "An Epitaph To Tranquility" now!

The band has decided to make their upcoming album "An Epitaph To Tranquility" a free download, which will be available on this website when completed. Instead of sinking money into cds, which they feel is a dying format, Cephalectomy will put those funds towards other merchandise like shirts, patches, etc. The band however realizes there's people who would rather an actual cd and for those people, the option to pre-order the album is now available. If you must own a hard copy of this album, you're advised to pre-order to secure yours. There will be a few copies printed otherwise, but these will be first come first serve and some will be reserved for promos, therefore leaving very few copies for actual sale. "An Epitaph To Tranquility" is due out sometime this spring.

Pre-order "An Epitaph To Tranquility" in the Merchandise section now!

January 25th - 2009 - New Mp3 Added

Cephalectomy decided to do a fun cover of Slayer's "Sex, Murder, Art" which you can now download from this site in mp3 format. Cheers!

January 10th - 2009

Cephalectomy would like to announce the arrival of its newest member. Peter Mestre of Thy Flesh Consumed (CDN Records) will share vocal duties with Jason Nichols and Corey Andrews on the band's upcoming release "An Epitaph To Tranquility". Mestre performed on Cephalectomy's 2007 single-song EP "The Dream Cycle Mythos" and was a major asset. Peter will continue to work with his original bandmates in Thy Flesh Consumed (www.thyfleshconsumed.com) who have 3 full-length recordings. Cephalectomy's bass tracks are just being finished and vocals are to ensue very shortly. "An Epitaph To Tranquility" is expected a spring release.

December 3rd - 2008

Well Well, it's been a couple months since any updates or news, so we thought it's about time to let you all know what's going on with the band at the moment. Right now we're in the midst of a new full length album (yet to be titled) that we are guessing should be finished by spring. As of right now, all the drums and guitars are done, and half of the bass has been recorded and lyrics are in the works. We hope to start recording vocals in the very early new year. This new release will consist of 10-11 new tracks and should clock in at around 30-35 minutes in length. We'll keep you posted as progress is made. In the meanwhile don't forget to order your copy of The Dream Cycle Mythos! Thanks for the support!

September 23rd - 2008

A new review from the latest Unrestrained! Magazine has been posted in the Press section.

September 8th - 2008

Hey All! Just a quick update to let you all know we've posted a couple new reviews in the Press section and that the recording of bass for Cephalectomy's new as of yet to be titled full length album began on the weekend. Drum and Guitars are already done, so we just need to get the bass and vocals finished. Since we're always slower then we care to be, we'll say you can expect to see the new album arise within a year. Until then, get your copy of The Dream Cycle Mythos!

Cephalectomy Seeking Distro

We just wanted to point out that if any labels or distros would be interested in carrying our discs to please contact us. We sell cds at wholesale prices and are willing to do consignment with reputable distros/labels.

Cephalectomy's "The Dream Cycle Mythos" - AVAILABLE NOW!

The Dream Cycle Mythos

You can now order this 23 minute long, unspeakable tale of horror through Discorporate Music or the band directly via paypal (see merchandise section for details).
As a bonus, we've included Eclipsing The Dawn (in mp3s), The Igniting Tempest Video (divx), and more on this cd for PC users! Order your's now!

The Dream Cycle Mythos is also available at the following sites : , Willowtip, and Random Play (Halifax)..

Special Edition Black Leather Case

Piece number one of a special open edition of black leather cases has been released. This unique case has been custom designed for The Dream Cycle Mythos. Each of these CD cases is entirely handmade. The logo is hand printed from a lino cut. The case is a handmade drop-back box, fully bound in black sheepskin leather. The graphics and lyrics are included in a custom designed folding pocket. Each piece is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the case designer. Please contact us if you are interested in having a copy.

Cephalectomy: The Dream Cycle Mythos Special Edition Cephalectomy: The Dream Cycle Mythos Special Edition

The Igniting Tempest Video

July 17th - 2008

A new review has been posted for The Dream Cycle Mythos in the Press section!

June 22nd - 2008

Hey Everyone! A quick update to let you know that our new shirts are now sold out. We may press more but that is uncertain at the moment. Thanks to everyone who bought one!

June 21st - 2008

Hey all! Just a quick update to let you know we're almost out of shirts. We have a couple Large shirts left, but all other sizes are sold out.

June 18th - 2008

New Shirts are In!

The Dream Cycle Mythos T-Shirt

For ordering information, visit the Merchandise section.

We've also just put up a new cd bundle deal in the Merchandise section. You can now pick up "The Dream Cycle Mythos" and the "Cephalectomy/Bound In Human Flesh Split" CDs for $15.00 including shipping.

June 17th - 2008

We've added a longer clip from the new cd on The Official Cephalectomy Myspace Page - This clip is the beginning 4 and 1/2 minutes of the cd, minus a short intro that comes before it.

Also, we should have some new shirts in later this week, these shirts are a very basic design but will be sold for a good price. If sales fair well, we anticipate a new design soon that will be more involved and likely based around The Dream Cycle Mythos artwork.

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