True Northern Mystigrind

A Loathsome Ceremony

An intermittent pulse
The defeating rhythm of continuance
Defining abject mediocrity
Surrendered upon a mountain of shit
You're climbing to the peak

Breaking the mould of a social disease
The cries you make across the globe
Self serving narcissist in your fucking tower
Begging for cries of empathy from your onetime friends
The death of man by the cry of a million pussies

So show your status you diseased fucking monkey
Cry out to those who share your symptoms
Your whimpers and moans fuel my disgust
Fill me with what I need to rise above your shit
Laughing at their empathy with a vengeful apathy

I am a soulless monster
With a distaste for ceremony
Feeding on the skeletons you parade
With a craving for your weakness brigade

So stand the fuck up and step aside
Your bullshit will no longer be tolerated
This nation of self serving pussies is tired
So wipe your eyes and form a backbone
You don't know fucking pain
You self absorbed pussy fucks.

How about you spend a month in a 3rd world country
Get cancer of the fucking brain
Fight every day for a fucking piece of food
Gain a broader scope of life outside your bloated fucking skull

I'm sick of your shit
I'm sick of your indulgence
I'm sick of your selfishness
I'm sick of your ego-centric fucking bullshit

Stand up and grow a fucking pair
Strength comes from self improvement
Your whiny bullshit breeds decrepitude
And we aren't going to take it anymore