True Northern Mystigrind

A Submergence of Will

Wanting nothing, asking nothing
Bleak is her final absolution from god
And she holds him tight like vines
Clutching and climbing a pillar to heaven

Nothing seen and nothing heard
The weakness displayed by abandon
Abandon the mind and the body
Let the wolves in and kneel in hope
All is great and good

To those whom speak the name of god
In broken passages and burning arches
Let your end be slow and pitiful so you know
He is not with you and you are alone

Swear off the wonderment of neutrality
Wrap your eyes in the cloth of theism
For we are the children of god and yes
We are here to hold sway over all life
Let all who disbelieve lay in waste

One true god, one true path
Follow suit fellow humans or suffer his wrath Lest ye suffer the fire of hell here on earth
Or be bound and sent to the deep blue sea
One god, one path

Her eyes are sewn shut
Blindly she follows the whims of her god patiently
Until her will is submerged and she learns to serve
As your god taught and blinded you with crosses
To me it simply appears discourteous to wear the symbol
Of a Deity long dead...

Can you look around this world and believe
In the goodness of a god who rules it.
Famine, Pestilence, Squalor, Disease and Death
They rule this world.
There is little hope I assure you.
If a god of love and light ever did exist he is long since dead
And someone... something, rules in his place...