True Northern Mystigrind

Freedom of the Enlightened

Wade waist deep into the emulsion
The freedom of a weakened mind
You revel in the innocence of singularity
While embracing the holy masses

Your armchair rhetoric and ignorance
Makes for strange bedfellows
With your search for enlightenment and knowledge
I see not but the weakest of minds

To pick and choose what suits your needs
While denying what was writ as modern cruelties
Does not make you a believer with the opiate masses
Yet fly high with your faith and your fear
So your fall may be long and fast and hard

To deny the natural law of life is absurd
To look around this world with faith in humanity
As the chosen species of your absent deity
Fills me with the urge to defecate

The world of humanity lies in wait
While your beliefs hold us back from our true course
The tolerance of freedom for the mind
Abolishment of laws from centuries of distain

To see the world not as our own
But as 1 of billions of species of equal right
So with distain I look upon thee
In a mindset of attrition and absolute confidence
In what I know as fact and not as blind faith

Hold your head high in the clouds
Follow your Sheppard and be herded
Live life in constant hope of appeasing him
And constant fear that you have done him wrong

The lord as my Sheppard I shall not want
He maketh me lie down with blind obedience
He leadeth me into deception and intolerance
He corrupts the ideal of a soul, He steers me
From paths of righteousness in his name's sake