True Northern Mystigrind

The Sons of Tellervo

I come from the deep forest
I am one with the trees and paths
The night comes fast and far
And my brothers are free as the eagle flies

The camp fire crackles and shines so bright
We raise our wooden pints and drink
Singing long throughout the dark night
Until the forest ceiling cracks
And down comes the sobering light

I wander with the old ones by day
Hearing tales of men and gods
Of gods and women and men
Walking with the wolves as we sing
Of times when the wind whispered your name

It is the time of feasting
And the bow pulls taught and snaps
The arrow flies far and finds its home
Gather the mushrooms and berries
Tonight we feast on the offerings of Tellervo

Goddess of the forest we raise our tankards high
We eat this meat in thanks of you
We drink this ale because it tastes so good
The sun is high and we've no worries of sin
This ale tastes good and our stomachs are full

The night comes fast and the night goes far
Flames dance high and flames dance bright
We raise our tankards and we raise them high
Our legs love to dance and arms reach the sky

Come my child and dance with me
Ill tell you tales of the mother you never knew
With hair like fire and a smile so bright
As you entered this world
Ajatar stole her away into the night

I grew up with the bears and wolves
I call these woods home, no desire to go
My belly is full and my heart is too
I live life a child of the forest
Proud and mighty a son of Tellervo