True Northern Mystigrind

Ressurection Injection


Returned from Austria with knowledge of regeneration. A mentor dead from causes unknown..
The prize medical student arguing the ideas of life, time and death. Labeled as a witless kook.

Dan Cain.. Mad doctors roomate..
Megan Halsey.. Roomate's fiance
Herbert West.. Giver of Life!

The reagent must be perfected. The dead are not happy to be waken from their eternal sleep
Experiments must be performed.. Subjects must be found and the living must be re-animated!

It all began with his roomates very dead cat..
Upon being issued with reagent kitty gets cranky
And tries clawing out the good doctors eyes
Dan returns home to help subdue his fatal feline

To the morgue they venture
In search of a fresh corpse
The unhappy zombie rampages
Killing the rather unhappy Dean

Things have gone terribly wrong.. Carl Hills jealousy shall be his undoing
With Carls head living head in a pan.. Megan has been kidnapped by the madhead

A host of corpses to inject with the glowing green life serum
Dr. West and Dan must destroy the living dead to get her back
In the ensuing orgy of gore megan is left mortally wounded
Dan has lost his rational mind.. Megan must be re-animated

Returned from Austria with an unsettling knowledge. Terrible happenings at a medical university
Experiments have been performed. Dead have found life and the living have found nothing but death..