True Northern Mystigrind

Sanity's Final Requiem

Ive the smallest recollection of
humanity and the grace of men.
Before everything fell into darkness

fell into darkness

I awoke into a nightmare

Deafening screams filled the petrified air

Chaos lurked through my senses

As i rose to find the source of the resounding confusion
A vision raced before my straining eyes
A shape in the dark, but not a form of familiarity
I fled through doors to find not but havoc and maelstrom

There was men and women filling the streets
Only to be ravaged by dark shapes of beasts
Rivers of blood raced through the city artery
Lit only by the occasional city light
Running and racing i fled through scenes of death
Only to find explosions as gas tanks found fire

As i awoke my eyes burned with light
A pain upon my mind of horrid dreams
Yet as the brilliance left my eyes
I found horror in what i saw around me

There were bodies upon bodies in the streets
Ravaged by those dark shapes of beasts
The city's artery caked and stained in blood
I quickly withdrew my sight and lost all control
As i grasped my head in my hands.. screams
I lost track of existence as horror raged all around

It's all gone.. existence!
Nothing left.. armageddon!
Spawn of hell.. took it all!
Chaos grips me.. the name of god?!

My mind has found utter fucking hell!

I've the smallest recollection of
sanity before they came here
Before the day hell broke loose

As i taste this cold steel..
Such be the fate of men that day
When the bowers of hell rose up
The fiends shall have their vengence
All that remains.. Sanity's Final Requiem